our vision

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our vision

We recently made the decision to rebrand, rediscover and redefine our company values. We wanted our brand to embody who we are, what we stand for, and be something that our co-workers, our candidates and our clients can be proud of.  (You can read all about our new identity here if you like).  

Here's a quick video about how we developed our vision: 


The change of branding was much more than a modernisation project. It was the redefinition of the brand identity across the entire group; gap personnel, gap eu, gap professional, gap healthcare, and gap technical.

We brought together a project team from different areas of the business. The team put their heads together to rediscover the culture and values of our business and identify what makes gap… gap.

We began by developing our vision to become the first choice recruitment partner by developing a brand that our customers, candidates and employees are proud to be associated with.

If you’d like to read more about the importance of company values, read our latest blog here.