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Our healthcare consultants specialise in recruitment for nursing homes, residential care homes, mental health, supported living and ​children's residential services.

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    nursing homes

    gap healthcare offer support in placing qualified nurses and healthcare assistants in nursing homes, caring for patients who require a level of care that can be delivered at in a homely setting, rather than in a hospital. These positions usually require 24-hour cover in supporting patients with medical care, physical, speech, and occupational therapy. A demanding but rewarding career, we work hard to place the right people in roles where they can really add value to a patient’s care.

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    residential care homes

    Healthcare assistants are vital for patients who need care in a residential home rather than in their own home or living with their family. Residential care requires 24-hour cover and the ability to provide long-term support for adults or children in a range of different settings depending on the needs of the individual.

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    mental health sector

    Working in the mental health sector can be challenging, as staff may need to support individuals who have complex care needs. Mental and personality disorders may mean patients present aggressive or difficult behaviour to those around them, including the nurses and support workers who provide their care, so it is imperative that the staff we provide have the right training and skills to work safely and effectively in this sector.

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    supported living

    Supported living services help those who don’t want to live in residential care but may have a physical or mental issue that means living at home is difficult. We provide support workers and senior care professionals to assist these patients who may need anything from regular visits to round-the-clock support – sometimes including overnight stays – with day to day tasks such as managing bills, cooking and washing, and personal care and well-being. This level of support requires a good level of compatibility with the patient and is typically monitored closely by other healthcare professionals to ensure the right level of care is given.

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    children’s residential services

    We provide residential children’s workers for residential care environments who provide a physically, emotionally, and psychologically safe atmosphere where children and young people can heal and develop. Many young patients will be in care due to experiencing problems at home in relation to neglect or some other form of abuse but may also be there due to challenging behaviour that cannot be suitably cared for elsewhere, and therefore need the dedicated compassion and support of a residential worker or senior care professional.