Finding the best staff who will provide excellent patient care is gap healthcare’s core objective. Our national teams support businesses who need to fill ad hoc, interim or permanent roles across five key healthcare sectors: nursing homes, residential care, mental health, supported living, and children’s residential. We are a consultative team of people; it’s our job to really listen to what you need and find a solution that suits your business.


why us

Choose gap for a recruitment partner who actually listens to what you want and what your business needs. Our job is to use our industry knowledge to give you the insight that will best support your business. Even if that means having tough conversations about challenges and obstacles you might face, we’re ready to face them with you.

Choose gap because when you enter into a new recruitment partnership you expect delivery on the promises sold to you. Let’s be realistic; in every business there may be a few bumps in the road, but with a strong relationship in place we can quickly and effectively overcome these. So not only do we deliver on our promises, we measure just how successful we are and continuously review our performance.

Choose gap because even though you only know us professionally, it doesn’t mean we can’t have real, human conversations. We’re not robots in suits, hardwired to say yes to your every request, regardless of whether or not it’s achievable. We’re going to give you impartial, objective advice on how we think we could support your business so that when we do work together you’ll know exactly where you stand as our client.

Choose gap because the awards we win for compliance and ethical processes aren’t just for us, they protect you and your supply chain too. From candidate care, through to audits from your own customers, gap operate in full transparency and as an extension of your team. We’re in this together.

taking the next step

If you decide to work in partnership with gap, here’s what you can expect at every stage of the journey.

Get in touch

Our teams are ready to have a chat about what you need. Whether you only have a few placements, or you need a full, high-volume agency review, our branch and national teams are ready to answer your questions and see if we are the right fit for you. ​


We pride ourselves on being a consultative partner to our clients. It is our job to listen to what you actually need so we can fully understand your site requirements, provide ideas and advice and find the best possible outcome for you and your business.

Site needs / business


Our consultants know what to look for onsite, so we can make effective recommendations based entirely on the specifics of your business. We take the time to understand your culture and values as well as the day to day physical operations, ensuring we place people that are the best fit for all aspects of your business.

Agree terms and KPIs

Once we have worked together to figure out what you need, it’s time to put the specifics down on paper to make sure we maintain the level of service we’ve agreed upfront. At this stage we will sign off on what our key performance indicators are and set up a service level agreement that highlights the commitments from both you and from us.

Start supply

It’s time to begin – our account teams are ready to help in whatever way suits your business, whether that’s an account manager onsite, or simply a check-in call to make sure everything is running smoothly. If you are a high-volume user, the implementation process (including TUPE, if required) will begin, with an agreed go-live date in sight for the following weeks. Regardless of volumes onsite or how we are supplying to your business, we are always on hand should you need us.

Ongoing review

We aren’t just here to place a candidate and run – we remain in touch throughout the recruitment and onboarding process to ensure you and your candidates are happy with the placement and so we can give and receive feedback at agreed points in time. Following that, we carry out regular reviews with you to discuss our performance against our agreed KPIs to ensure you continue receiving the service we promised you from day one.

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    need to recruit healthcare staff?

    We can help you recruit temporary and permanent healthcare workers for nursing homes, residential care homes, mental health, supported living and children's residential services. 

    Please let us know your requirements and we'll be in touch within 24 hours.