national apprenticeship week: meet Jade and Georgia

posted on April 2019 by matthew smith, marketing executive


National Apprenticeship Week!

We’re super proud to support #NAW2019 by showcasing some of the amazing talent within gap personnel.

Meet Georgia Rowe and Jade Price, our super HR duo from our Wrexham HQ who have both completed their apprenticeships at gap personnel and are now onto their second!

Q1. How long have you both been with gap?

Jade: 2 years in May this year.

Georgia: 3 years in April this year.

Q2. What apprenticeship did you do and when did you complete this?

Jade: I did Business Administration NVQ Level 2 last year and I am now in the process of completing Business Administration NVQ Level 3.

Georgia: I did Business Admin NVQ Level 3 and have now progressed onto CIPD Level 5 Diploma in Human Resources Management.

Q3. Why did you choose an apprenticeship over university?

Jade: I had a completely different job which had no resemblance to HR. I decided on an apprenticeship as I knew this would give me a better chance of successfully achieving my desired career change. 

Georgia: I actually graduated from uni prior to my apprenticeship. I had limited knowledge of HR which was my chosen career path so I decided to apply for the apprenticeship to get some hands-on experience.

Q4: What advice would you offer to someone interested in doing an apprenticeship?

Jade: I remember someone once said to me ‘are you not a bit old to be an apprentice?’. That is absolutely not the case, you are never too old to further your knowledge and I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone!

Georgia: I think if you have little exposure in an area you want to work in, an apprenticeship is a great choice to learn more and gain experience.

Q5: How does it help you in your daily work?

Jade and Georgia: It has 100% provided us both with the tools and knowledge to progress and the confidence to challenge and improve ourselves within this role.

Q6. What is your favourite thing about working at gap?

Jade and Georgia: We love that our role gives us the opportunity to communicate with the whole network and speak to so many different people. We couldn’t agree more on the fact that there are always opportunities for learning and development, showing that gap really do invest in their people.


"Apprenticeships have been invaluable to our department, we have been very lucky to have recruited exceptional individuals who are ambitious and committed in order to take on the challenge. An apprenticeship is by no way the easy route, there is a huge expectation to fulfil the learning and development criteria of the apprenticeship but also recognise those skills and implement them to their role.

I feel like we have benefited as an employer as much as Jade and Georgia have as apprentices, they bring a fresh dynamic to the department sharing ideas and genuinely through their enthusiasm lift the energy of the team. They are incredibly capable and are an absolute asset to the team. I am so proud of how far they have come."

Claire Roberts - Head of HR.


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